Our Services

Pre-arranging your funeral leaves room for comfort for your loved ones, and gives peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of when it is time to celebrate your life.

Hold a funeral service for your loved one in one of our chapels in Long Island or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A funeral service allows friends and family to pay their respects to celebrate the one they love. A funeral service can be held prior to cremation if you wish.

Burial services are held at the cemetery. The burial of your loved one can be in your choice of casket or urn. The service typically occurs after a funeral service, but can be performed without a service.

With many options to choose from, cremation services are tailored to your needs. Cremation services can be performed prior to a funeral service (if you choose).


A death away from home is never easy. A funeral service can be conducted prior to the shipment of your loved one in an urn or casket.

Losing someone you love is difficult. Aside from our compassionate directors, we provide you with many resources and articles that can help you cope with your loss.