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Hempstead Funeral Home, Long Island, opened its doors after successfully serving the New York City community, John Senko Funeral Homes began helping thousands of those in the Long Island community and beyond with the loss of their loved ones. Family Owned and Trusted for almost 90 years, John Senko Funeral Homes is Local, National, and Global, but most of all, there for you every step of the way.

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Words of Gratitude

Dearest Friends Wanda, John, and Keith,

Words cannot adequately express our deep gratitude for having conduced my sisters wake, funeral mass, and internment with such compassion and sincere love and thoughtfulness.

Keith’s projection of happy memories was healing and soothing.

Nobody does such a magnificent job as yourselves.

Thank you immensely and God bless you and your families forever.

Theresa & Benny


Heartfelt thanks to you, Wanda, and your staff.

We’re so grateful for your respectful and personal attention to mom and all of us as we went through this difficult time.

Mom loved you and Wanda and felt a kind of peace knowing that you’d be helping us through all of the arrangements.

Wanda and John,

You have no idea how comforting it is to know that you both are just one phone call away when help is needed.

Thank you both, so much, for all you did for Mary, John, and me in giving such a beautiful final goodbye with his New York Family and then his transport to his family for burial in his beloved Poland.


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