10 Tips on How to Live Your Best Life

10 Tips on How to Live Your Best Life

10 Tips on How to Live Your Best Life

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One of the deepest-rooted desires of humans is to live a fulfilled and happy life. In the age of the internet, social media, and a highly digitized world, it can be easy to idealize lifestyles that seem unachievable. You may feel that you have lost touch with the things that can make you happy. It can seem nearly impossible to balance a successful career and social life while also keeping your health and well-being stable. Figuring out how to live life to its highest potential might feel like another full-time job.

Although living your best life may seem difficult, it is within your grasp. You can learn to embrace happiness and achieve inner peace simply by changing and incorporating some healthy habits into your life. Sometimes living up to your full potential is just about taking the time for self-care. Taking little moments to meditate, journal, and goal-set can make all the difference. Craving a glass of wine and dark chocolate? Give in to that desire, because treating yourself can be just as important as working hard.

If you feel stuck in a rut, the following 10 tips can help you with how to live your best life.

1. Set Intentions

One of the keys to success is being intentional about what you do. In general, when you set intentions, you are more likely to act with purpose and drive. Setting intentions with the mantra, “I am living my best life,” for example, will help form a clearer path for you to know what you need to accomplish. Setting an intention, or multiple intentions, on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, will help you to feel like you are living your life with purpose and will help you measure your success.

Goal-setting and intention-setting are nearly the same concept. When setting intentions, you decide what kind of emotions—what kind of positive feelings—you seek. By you intending to do something or become something, you are that much closer to living the life that we desire.

An easy way to establish intentions is by writing them down every month, week, or day—whichever interval might work best for you. Simply jot down a list of whatever you want to accomplish for the next time period. For example, “I intend to rekindle my friendship with X” or, “I intend to start practicing yoga three times per week.” These exercises will allow you to gain a clear vision of what you want from life. Not only does this give you something to focus on, but it also allows you to not feel overwhelmed by the future. Taking things one step at a time and living in the present makes life more rewarding.

2. Visualize

Going hand-in-hand with intention-setting, visualization is a beneficial practice to living your dream life. Once you have a clear vision of what intentions or goals you want to achieve, it is important to take action. Taking action can seem scary and intimidating, or even impossible. Visualization is almost like a test-run of your dream life. It helps to further establish what you want and allow you to settle into a positive mindset.

During visualization, you must choose your focus. Choose a specific intention and how you will feel once it is accomplished. Then, take the time to daydream! Whether you’re lying in bed, or sitting on a bench during your lunch break, take a few quiet moments to daydream and let your imagination take the lead. If you want to get a specific job, for example, imagine what you will look like if given this position.

  • What kind of attire would you wear?
  • What kind of daily routine would you have?
  • What kind of car would you drive to work every day?

Ask yourself these little questions and allow yourself to feel the kinds of feelings you would feel if you were in the position you wanted to be in.

This practice can be crucial to success because it gets you in the right mindset and can be mood-boosting. Even Olympic athletes use visualization to prepare for their events.

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